Central London Garden

When you live in a big city, every little outdoor space counts. Here the basement flat entrance transformed into a pretty, inviting green space.

Due to the position of the garden there was a limited choice of plants that would work in such a dark and a shuttered space. So it was decided to cover walls with a faux living wall and trellis panels covering a storage space door.

The view for a not so attractive staircase was blocked by placing two tall planters with shade loving evergreen climbers. By placing them apart from each other, people can still access the staircase if needed. To make the space more interesting and with an even greener effect, the feature pot was placed with a fern tree in front of the master bedroom, which beautifully reflects in a bespoke, wooden framed mirror. The last touch was to make it feel homely and warm with the installation of outdoor furniture and a patterned carpet.

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