BBC Gardeners' World Live

We are pleased to announce that Morgan Oates Ltd. has been selected as one of the five APL Avenue Show Gardens at BBC Gardeners World Live 2019 in Birmingham.

Contenders were asked to create a space which is inspired by other countries and cultures.

Anna Pawlowska, designer at Morgan Oates, aimed to create a space where the clients can relax and escape from work and everyday worries. Inspired by Moroccan culture the design is a sensory garden, where sounds, smells, views and texture are essential to creating a relaxing environment.

The central island is designed to look like a wild meadow, with a bench placed between carefully chosen flowers (fragrant, attractive to butterflies and bees, with calming colours). The island will be surrounded by a shallow water feature with clear, blue water. Not only it will look and sound relaxing but also let the owners cool their feet after long day of work during the hot summer. The water feature will be surrounded by Moroccan style, patterned, outdoor tiles, which will be a dry option to walk around the garden.

The borders of the garden will be planted with high, flowy grasses, which will bring some all year interest and nice delicate sound when moved by wind.

As a centerpiece of her design Anna has placed a large sculpture located at the rear of the garden behind the bench. Framed by Trachelospermum Jasminoides, features and ornamental cherry tree, to create a beautiful view when nature starts to wake up in early spring time. The design also includes unconventional, off white fencing, which will brighten up the garden all year around.

At the entrance to the garden there is a decked area with a bistro set, which creates an everyday use space for morning coffee or afternoon dinner with a beautiful view of whole garden.

If you would like to see our design, please follow the link to BBC Gardeners’ World Live website: