Christmas Decorations

Have you ever wondered where the Christmas decoration tradition came from?

Christmas decorations came to our houses to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The houses would get nicely dressed in reds and greens on Christmas Eve. Nowadays it has changed a bit and we like to feel the Christmas spirit for a bit longer, that’s why we started decorating our homes much earlier.

We also use more colours and materials, often artificial which will last longer.

If you would like to keep traditional look of Christmas decorations, you should use:

• Greens which represent the continuity of life
• Reds which represent Jesus blood at His Crucifixion
• Holly tree where spiky leaves symbolize thorns at the Jesus crown and red berries which represent Jesus blood drops

Traditionally it was believed that we should hang Christmas decorations on 24th December and take them down before 5th January, to do otherwise would bring bad luck.

Whether you would like to follow the tradition or have your Christmas decorations in a more modern styles we are happy to help.