Go Organic

When it comes to insects, prevention is better than trying to fight the insects away. That’s why you should start to think about protecting your garden during the early spring months. This is the time of ground preparations for the growing season.

If you act quickly you might be able to keep your garden nice and healthy without using harmful chemicals. We obviously want our gardens to look brilliant but we don’t want to pollute our planet even more or expose ourselves, our children or pets to the potential health problems.

There are some very effective and harmless ways to keep your garden free from insects and weeds.

The most effective insect protection are nematodes. Those microorganisms added to the soil regularly help fight the slugs, ants, leatherjacket, wine weevil or chafer grub. They are completely safe for you and the environment.

There are other solutions which can be even easier. If you have a vegetable plot, you might do some research about plants that go well together, like onion and carrot. Most insects that attack carrots can’t stand the smell of onion!

If you have a problem with weeds, it is worth checking what kind of soil is in your garden. If you have a lot of coniferous plants, azalias and camellias that grow really well, you will probably struggle with acid soil loving weeds. Treat your garden with lime on the yearly basis and you will see big reduction of some weeds (like horse tail).

It is also worth investing in plant feeds. Strong and healthy plants will be less prone to disease. Use natural products like seaweed which is suitable for all plant types, iron to make your lawn thick and green and pothas or manure to help your vegetables grow.

If you need any help or an advise our maintenance team is always happy to help.