Late Autumn Gardening Tips

It's a great time to prepare the garden for winter. Lifting some of the perennials and storing them in boxes over the winter will produce bigger and brighter flowers next spring.

Lifting plants step by step:

  1. Cut down the plants just after first frost
  2. Use a fork to carefully lift the plants, making sure you do not damage the roots
  3. Shake off some of the soil and dry
  4. Box up the roots/tubers in wooden open trays with almost dry potting compost/sand
  5. Store them in a dry, frost free but cool place like a green house or garden shed
  6. Inspect regularly to make sure they stay healthy and are not rotten
  7. Remove any unhealthy plants

Plant roots like Chrysanthemum might require a heated greenhouse and watering in mid to late winter to start them into growth.

Tubers like Dahlia should be left in cool, dry place over the whole winter.

Plants suitable for lifting: Dahlias, Cannas, Tuberous Begonias, Gladioli, Geraniums (Pelargoniums), Chrysanthemum.

It is recommended to cover garden beds with a thick layer of mulch before winter to protect sensitive, big plants that we can’t lift (like artichokes and agapanthus) from the frost.

If you have any questions regarding winter garden preparation, feel free to ask our maintenance team.