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garden irrigation system


Morgan Oates can install an irrigation system for your garden to keep your garden in pristine condition whatever the weather conditions. We use tailor made equipment to suit the needs and size of your garden. It may be a simple drench system or a more advanced computer controlled system. These are economic in water usage and give you more time to enjoy your garden at your leisure. Our irrigation systems include rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems.

Garden irrigation systems are ideally installed during the construction process so that the irrigation piping is out of sight. We can install irrigation systems into an existing garden while minimising the impact to the existing structures.

Irrigation Maintenance

From time to time garden irrigation systems can get damaged because they are buried out of sight and get damaged during spade work. Our maintenance team check irrigation systems to ensure they are working properly.

a garden water feature

Garden Waters Features

Garden waters features create a focal point for your garden. Whether a fountain, pond or bird bath water features create a peaceful ambiance in your garden.

a garden pond

Large Garden Water Features

Fish ponds are a great feature in a garden. We are experienced in installing ponds and large garden water features. They are installed into the foundations of the garden and fit in seamlessly with the finished garden. We can build brick or stonework surrounds for your garden pond or water feature. Surrounds are built to a high standard and stay watertight.

Overflow systems are seamlessly built in to ensure the water level stays the same during heavy rain.

We can advise on the type of plants that are suitable for the pond environment.

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